Food Storage Case Lot Purchases from Week #1

I learned last fall, that the Month of March in Utah is when several stores compete for buyers to purchase during their case lot sales. I actually like this because different stores sell different brands. This month, I planned what I wanted to purchase on my Monthly Food Storage Purchase Plan. Since I was able to see the Macey’s prices first, I wrote their prices down as my estimates. Even though I wrote Western Family corn @ .59 per can, this was only a starting point. I didn’t have time to run to a Macey’s, but I noticed that the Bowman’s in Kaysville was also having a case lot sale. They also sell Western Family brand foods, so I headed over there this afternoon with my Monthly Food Storage Purchase Plan in my binder.

I found that some of their prices were the same as Macey’s, better, and some worse. So, I purchased items that were the same or better or close to Macey’s prices, at Bowman’s. I saved money on gas and time by shopping close to home, and was still able to get some great prices. I purchased more of some items, less of others than I planned to. When I do that, I erase and rewrite on my Monthly Food Storage Plan worksheet. I didn’t put the case lot items on my grocery list since stores usually put case lot items together and I didn’t need to shop by aisle.

Here is what I purchased this week:

WF corn 24 ct. $14.16
WF sliced carrots 12 ct. $7.08
WF stewed tomatos 24 ct. $14.16
WF chili beans 24 ct. $14.16
WF applesauce 24 ct. $14.16
WF ketchup 6 ct. $5.34
WF bleach 2 ct. $3.00
WF apple juice 64 oz. 8 ct. $12.00
WF salt .50 2 ct. $1.00
WF cake mixes 6 ct. $5.28
SAF 1 lb. Yeast 2 ct. $5.58

Total: $95.82

I like Bowman’s as it has a small town feel. I wish they had put the individual can prices on the cases though. And there were not as many cases to choose from, but I found everything I needed. And the people are very friendly. I still need to check out Macey’s and Smith’s case lot sales as they have things I still want to buy.

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