Organize a 3-Month Food Storage Supply: YouTube video

Learn how to organize and gather a 3-Month food storage supply which can help you in times of adversity such as job loss, financial difficulties, disasters, and medical emergencies. My new YouTube video will give you a brief overview of the new LDS Church home storage guidelines and help you learn the value of gathering a 3-Month food storage supply, water, and emergency funds, FIRST, before you focus on long-term foods. This was part of a Relief Society enrichment meeting lesson I taught. Special thanks to Jon Schmidt for permission to use his music ( comment on it.

4 Replies to “Organize a 3-Month Food Storage Supply: YouTube video”

  1. Wow! What an amazing video. I loved it! I am teaching a food storage organization class in my ward on Wednesday night and I am wondering how you would feel about me using your video?


  2. Very nice Valerie! I bet you are loving your utah basement. We miss your family. I enjoy checking your blog, very helpful. Whitney Delahunty


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