Food Storage Review: Milk Mixing Pitcher

You never know when there will be a problem with our milk supply, so I’ve been using non-instant dry milk more and more these days in my cooking and baking. And so far my kids haven’t even noticed! And, if you use it for baking and not drinking, you rotate it slowly.

I use the non-instant dry milk from the LDS Home Storage Centers. Don’t get confused with instant milk. Hopefully yours isn’t sitting on your shelf unused. I have to admit that I prefer not to drink it, but it is perfect in any recipe that calls for milk, and using this 2-quart Mixing Pitcher makes it so easy!

We’ve used this pitcher to mix lemonade mix and pancakes too. Just make the amount you need and pump, pump, pump to get the lumps out. So easy! No electricity. No whisk. At $6.99 each from Augason Farms, it’s reasonably priced too. I probably wouldn’t use this pitcher to mix a small amount like 1 cup of milk. But if you need 2 cups or more milk in waffles and some other recipes, then use it.

I only make enough milk needed for each recipe. At first I tried to mix a quart and keep it in the refrigerator until I needed it, but I found I was throwing it out. You could add dry milk to dry ingredients in most baking recipes and the water to reconstitute to your liquid ingredients. But some recipes like my Hash Brown Egg Bake recipe work best with liquid milk that you pour on top.

Go to Crystal’s EveryDayFood Storage site to read useful information about powdered milk.
And for her dry milk conversion chart go here. Just hang it in a kitchen cupboard! Or order her magnetic chart.

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