Updated 52-Week Food Storage Inventory Schedule

This month I updated my 52-Week Food Storage Inventory Schedule AND put weekly reminders on my Google calendar. Yay! It’s right there in front of me each week. Of course you could just print the schedule and hang it on your refrigerator, but I rarely hang anything on my own because sadly it’s stainless steel and not magnetic.

So, here is a little tutorial on how to put food storage inventory reminders in your Google calendar:

  • Ceate a sub calendar entitled Inventories. Shocker! 
  • Make reminders with all-day tasks that repeat monthly every 12 months.
  • Title each week like this: JUL5 Breakfast Foods (That’s code for the fifth week of July I’ll take an inventory of my shelf-stable breakfast foods such as boxed cereal, instant oatmeal, pancake mix and pancake syrup. I don’t inventory the #10 cans of dry oats even though they could be used as breakfast food, because I check that item when I inventory my grains. But you can track your food any way you like.)
  • Click repeat, repeats monthly, repeat every 12 months, repeat by day of the week, then click done. My reminders show up each Sunday. If I don’t get it done on Monday, I move it to another day always saving only this event, or you’ll mess up the repeat each year. And don’t stress if it doesn’t happen because we’re human. But it is really important to track your food storage. 🙂

I love breaking down food and home storage inventories into bite-sized pieces, because I can’t stand taking loooonnnnnng inventories. That’s soooooo painful!

You’ll notice that my schedule has some emergency supplies listed on it as well, but I’ll still call it the 52-Week Food Storage Inventory Schedule since more people may find it with that title. You can find my old one here, but I think this one is better because it’s easier to identify each week.
I’ve attached a printable copy for you right here. And even gave you the Excel version.

52-Week Food Storage Inventory Schedule.pdf
52-Week Food Storage Inventory Schedule.xls

I hope it helps some of you track what is happening to your food storage! Make a list of things you need to buy, and watch for sales. And for those of you privy to Utah case lot sales, they are coming.

Note: Sometimes JAN1 starts on the last Sunday in December.

Here is a list of categories, weeks and how often I check each category of items. Well, sort of check them.


JAN1 Freezer 3M
JAN2 Beverages 3M
JAN3 Water 6M
JAN4 Toiletries 3M
JAN5 Breakfast Foods 3M
FEB1 Fruits & Vegetables 3M
FEB2 Snacks 3M
FEB3 Beans, Meat & Soups 3M
FEB4 Baking Basics 3M
MAR1 First Aid & Medicine 6M
MAR2 Grains/Pasta/Potatoes 6M
MAR3 Oils & Fats 6M
MAR4 Emergency Kits 6M
APR1 Fuel & Light 6M
APR2 Beverages 3M
APR3 Cleaning 6M
APR4 Freezer 3M
APR5 Toiletries 3M
MAY1 Breakfast Foods 3M
MAY2 Paper & Plastics 6M
MAY3 Beans, Meat & Soups 3M
MAY4 Condiments 6M
JUN1 Baking Basics 3M
JUN2 Spices 6M
JUN3 Fruits & Vegetables 3M
JUN4 Water 6M
JUL1 Snacks 3M
JUL2 Beverages 3M
JUL3 Freezer 3M
JUL4 Toiletries 3M
JUL5 Breakfast Foods 3M
AUG1 Fruits & Vegetables 3M
AUG2 Emergency Equipment 1Y
AUG3 Beans, Meat & Soups 3M
AUG4 Baking Basics 3M
SEP1 First Aid & Medicine 6M
SEP2 Grains/Pasta/Potatoes 6M
SEP3 Cleaning 6M
SEP4 Fuel & Light 6M
SEP5 Beverages 3M
OCT1 Oils & Fats 6M
OCT2 Snacks 3M
OCT3 Freezer 3M
OCT4 Toiletries 3M
NOV1 Breakfast Foods 3M
NOV2 Baking Basics 3M
NOV3 Beans, Meat & Soups 3M
NOV4 Paper & Plastics 6M
DEC1 Condiments 6M
DEC2 Spices 6M
DEC3 Snacks 3M
DEC4 Fruits & Vegetables 3M

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