Preparedness Challenge – December Week 2

Finally, the last Preparedness Challenge of the year! Can some of us do a victory dance? Well, you should. Whatever you collected this year should be celebrated! I created these preparedness challenges to be repeated year after year because it takes time to collect an adequate supply of food storage and emergency supplies. So, whatever you did, was right on. Since we’re busy with Christmas preparations, the items to gather can be found in your home or at any grocery store.

1. Gather 72-Hour Kit Items
These items will be useful if you ever must evacuate. If your contact lenses get dirty from smoke, you’ll want a pair of glasses. And you don’t want to hunt for them during an evacuation when your brain is foggy. So, hang on to that old pair and add it to your kit.

  • extra glasses (Just found an old pair!)
  • small mirror
  • small brush or comb
  • elastic bands

2. Gather Some Prep Equipment
Make sure you know where these items are.

  • duct tape (Very useful! Always know where it’s at.)
  • 5-gallon bucket or tote (For extra emergency supplies.)
  • manual can opener (For power outages.)

3. Gather Some Home Storage Items
Check your supplies. I like to keep at least a 1-month supply of them.

  • lotion
  • dish soap
  • liquid hand soap
  • lip balm
That’s it! I hope you can handle that. Just add a few things to your grocery list. Or tuck a few items into your 72-hour kit. Or do these suggestions in January like I probably will. 🙂
Merry Christmas!! I have loved helping you this year.
Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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