Preparedness Challenge: January Week 1

This year our January preparedness challenges include creating a preparedness plan, stocking up on a few toiletries, adding items to a 72-hour kit and gathering wheat into food storage. You can do your January challenges after work, on a weekend, when the kids are asleep or after school. Or let your kids participate so they learn about preparedness. I’ll challenge you two to four times each month. This week you’ll create budgets and gather toiletries.

1. Decide on a Food Storage Budget, an Emergency Fund Goal and an Emergency Supply Budget
You feel inspired to work on preparedness, but have you put any money aside? This week decide on a food storage budget, an emergency savings goal and an emergency supply budget. Heavenly Father is aware of your needs and will bless you for any effort you make.

President Gordon B. Hinckley makes food storage doable.

The LDS Church encourages members to have a financial reserve for emergencies. How much do you want in an emergency fund?

Do you want to build a 72-hour kit and have emergency supplies? What is your emergency supply budget? Is it part of your grocery budget? Decide on your budgets and start saving this week.

2. Stock Up on a Few Toiletries
Buy a 1-month supply of toiletries for home use: toilet paper, soap or body wash, deodorant and shampoo/conditioner. Is that 4 toilet paper rolls or 16? Can you work that into your existing grocery budget? Learn to keep your cupboards full.

You’ve got this! Have faith and begin.

Best wishes,

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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