Preparedness Challenge: January Week 3

One of the first things people want to do for preparedness is buy a year’s supply of wheat without really knowing what to do with it. In this 2009 Ensign Magazine article, the LDS Church encourages members to gather a 3-month supply of shelf-stable packaged and canned foods aka pantry foods, emergency water, and a financial reserve FIRST, and THEN gather long-term foods like cans of wheat.

However, this month learn how to make bread, figure out how much wheat you eventually want to store and buy some wheat if you are ready to.

1. Learn How to Make Bread

If you plan to store wheat, you’ll probably want to learn how to make bread. This week find a recipe and make bread. If you need help, ask a friend or watch a video. If you have long-term wheat, grind it into wheat flour. If you need to use another grain such as oats because of your diet, that’s fine. If you don’t have time to make it in the next 7 days, do it sometime this month.

Here’s My 2-Loaf Wheat Bread Recipe

2. Decide How Much Wheat to Store

How many loaves of bread does your family eat each week? How many loaves in one month? Multiply all the ingredients of your recipe to equal the number of loaves you eat in a month or 12 months. Could you store that much food in your home or would starting with a 1-month supply of bread making ingredients be better? The choice is yours.

If you printed the Basic Food Storage Inventory pages for your binder from Preparedness Challenge: January Week 2, you can add your goal for Wheat under the Grains category.

3. Buy Long-Term Wheat

If you’re ready to buy long-term 30-year shelf life wheat, the LDS Church Home Storage Centers sell hard red or white wheat in #10 cans for $3.75. You can usually grind 16.5 cups of wheat flour from one can, bake about 6 loaves of wheat bread or make 11 meals of pancakes.

Only buy the amount you can afford and store. Remember, man does not live on wheat alone. You need many more items in your food storage. I like to order a few boxes at a time so they don’t expire at the same time so I have money for other food storage items.

A recommended amount for a one-month adult supply of wheat is 2 LDS #10 cans or 11 lbs. Cans of wheat cost about $4.00 from the Latter-day Saint Church. You can substitute another grain for wheat if your diet requires it.

If possible, store wheat in temperatures of 72 degrees or less. Don’t store wheat in a garage where fluctuating temperatures will ruin its shelf life and make your bread not rise.

Good luck making your bread!

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