Preparedness Challenge: January Week 4

This week you’ll begin your 72-hour kit. Some people call it a bug-out-bag or grab-and-go kit, but they have the same purpose: it’s something you can grab if you need to evacuate quickly. Everyone should have one at home and one at work. But let’s start with one at home. Just like you, I’m working on this challenge and will be checking on the condition of our kit supplies. Adding a few items each month will be less expensive for you, but if you want to move quickly and have the money to do so, go for it.

1. Find a 72-Hour Kit Bag

Most people think of a backpack for their kit forgetting the fact that it could end up weighing 40 lbs. when filled. Can you carry that much weight and walk to the closest school or church? We don’t always get to evacuate by car. Other ideas are a sturdy duffel bag or my favorite, a carry-on bag because of the wheels. For infants, use your big diaper bag since the most current food and clothing will already be in there. However, water to make formula may not be. So, an additional bag may prove useful.

2. Add Water, Toilet Paper and Travel Toiletries to Your Kit

  • Buy a case of purified 16.9 oz. bottled water. Any size you can lift. How’s that for specifics. Could be 24, could be 32, etc. You need at least 3 gallons per person.
  • Put 3 water bottles in a gallon-sized zipper bag. And a roll of toilet paper in a quart-sized zipper bag. Date the plastic bags. Why a roll? Your kit may be the only one grabbed.
  • Add the water and toilet paper baggies to your kit.
  • Store remaining bottles near your grab-and-go kit and store your kit under your bed or in a coat closet. Never in the garage where heat will destroy your food. More on that next month.
  • Replace this water next January. Water your house plants with it.

Get your family involved in this challenge. If you need more help, search “72-hour kits” on my website. Don’t worry if you get behind on these challenges. Do the ones you feel prompted to do. You’ve got this!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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