Preparedness Challenge: March Week 1

Since coronavirus is on our minds, let’s start our first March preparedness challenge by gathering first aid and medical supplies. As we look at history, epidemics and pandemics happen repeatedly. So, we should be prepared. Isn’t it exciting that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has some general instructions you can print? Keep reading.

Since I’ve been ill with a sinus infection, aka influenza for the past week-and-a-half, I’ve learned about isolation, hydration, sanitation and rest. I’m not an expert on pandemics, but we can be self-reliant for any outbreak with common sense preparedness.

Let’s start with a first aid challenge.

1. Resupply First Aid Supplies

  • Gather all the first aid supplies you can find in your home. Are they adequate?
  • Find a container or two to put those items in. This is your family first aid kit. 
  • Make a list of items you need to buy. Some items may cost less at Walmart. I get medical gloves from Sam’s Club or Costco.
  • Buy rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, medical gloves, bandages, gauze pads or rolls, medical tape, safety pins, Neosporin, first aid manual, ice packs, thermometer, ACE bandage, anointing oil (LDS), etc. DO NOT buy everything today but get started. 
  • TIP: Keep crutches, splints, wrist guards, knee braces, etc. for future use.

2. Clean Out and Resupply Medicines

  • Look through your medicines for expired items.
  • Make a list of those you want to resupply.
  • Contact your local pharmacy to find a disposal location near you.
  • If you use oils or other homeopathic products, make your list.
  • Have a chat with teens about the proper use of medications.

3. Gather Pandemic Supplies

With careful planning, you’ll become more self-reliant. Don’t panic, be smart, be prepared, have faith.

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