How to Shop at Utah Case Lot Sales

Three times a year, Utah grocery stores have case lot sales where you may purchase canned and packaged goods at a discount. These sales may help you stock up on items for your food storage. In the past you had to buy the entire case of items, but now most stores allow you to buy an individual item at the case price which is pretty awesome if you are single or have a small family.

TAKE AN INVENTORY Take an inventory of your canned and packaged foods at home first. What do you really need to stock up on?

COMPARE PRICES All items at case lot sales are not the cheapest you can find, so it is best to compare prices. Look online at Walmart and compare with your store ad.

COME PREPARED Before you walk in the store, create a shopping plan. You might get star-struck when you see the case lot display. If you see someone grab a case of apple juice, control your desire to copycat. Bring a list of what you plan to purchase which should be food and items you know your family will use.

LOOK OVER THE DISPLAY When you arrive, walk around the case lot display at the front of the store to get familiar with case sizes and items. You may actually see something that wasn’t in the ad included in the display.

GO DOWN THE AISLES There isn’t room for the grocery store to put all varieties of food out front. Walk away from that tempting front display and go down the aisles to look for varieties of your foods such as “no sugar added,” “no salt added” or diced, sliced and whole vegetables.

COMPARE BRANDS Sometimes there is a sale on your favorite name brand item on the shelf you didn’t know about. Decide which is better for your family.

LOOK UNDER PRICE TAG Remember: all foods in a case lot sale ARE NOT the best prices. Look under the price tag and see how much your are saving. You may only be saving a penny. Or you could save 50 cents.

And most important of all, CHECK EXPIRATION DATE of your item. You could be looking at a display of items that expire next month. Make sure your item has some time to sit on your shelf.

I spent 30 min. in Dick’s Market today and spent $35.00. Most people had cases in their carts and were spending hundreds of dollars. I shop year-round so I don’t spend much at case lot sales.

These ideas have saved me lots of money over the years. I hope they help you too!

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