Preparedness Challenge: March Week 2

During the second preparedness challenge of March, we’ll gather canned beans and fish as we work on building our 3-month food storage supply. A short term supply of canned and packaged foods you normally eat was suggested by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help us during adversity in life. That could be when supplies are low in stores or you are out of work. Some of you live in small apartments, so store the best amount you can.

1. Gather Beans and Fish Into Your 3-Month Food Supply

  • Consider how much of these types of foods you eat in a month. Then multiply that by 3.
  • Imagine without your favorite restaurant or fresh fish. What will you eat?
  • If you don’t like fish, store chicken or another meat. 
  • If you live in Utah, take advantage of case lot sales at some of our local grocery stores.
  • Beans are an amazing source of protein and other wonderful nutrients.
  • A 3-month food storage supply could include small cans of beans, dried beans, legumes or canned fish.
  • TIP: Always rinse canned beans before using.

2. Make a Recipe Using Beans or Fish

  • Prepare a meal using beans or fish. 
  • I just made taco soup.
  • Save that recipe if it turns out to be a keeper.

I hope you do well with this week’s challenge!

Best wishes,

The Food Storage Organizer

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