Preparedness Challenge: April Week 3

Last week we worked on putting together a cleanup supply bucket to help with emergencies. I found my bucket at Home Depot, and have been slowly adding items throughout the month to it. It’s kept under my sink in our laundry room. This week our focus is on gathering sanitation and hygiene supplies into our home supplies and our 72-hour kits. Our Covid-19 experience has taught us the importance of stocking up on more than just food storage. Thankfully we gathered toilet paper in our January preparedness challenge. Look over more sanitation and hygiene items on the list below which you may find important too.

1. Gather a 1-Month Supply of Sanitation and Hygiene Supplies
Could you go without any of these items in an emergency such as job loss or disaster? How much of each item could you put in your 1-month supply? Could you gather enough trash bags to last more than a month? Since I purchase mine from Costco, they last well beyond 1-month. But if you can only afford a 1-month supply, start there. Then regularly resupply these items.

  • trash bags
  • bleach (for laundry)
  • feminine or incontinent items
  • diapers and wipes
2. Gather 72-Hour Kit Sanitation and Hygiene Supplies
You only need a few items in your 72-hour kit, but while you’re gathering your 1-month supply, toss some items in your 72-hour kit as well. I’ve always felt that mother’s of infants should keep well-stocked diaper bags as this may become your infant’s 72-hour kit.
  • prescription copy
  • trash bags (2)
  • feminine or incontinent items (3 days)
  • diapers and wipes
  • cleansing wipes
You are already grocery shopping, so gather up your supplies and feel secure you are ready for anything.

Best wishes and stay healthy!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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