Preparedness Challenge: May Week 1

I’m excited to share our first May preparedness challenge. This week we will gather cooking supplies into our 72-hour kits and practice outdoor cooking. Few people think how they will cook after a disaster, but your stove may not work and you probably won’t have power for the microwave.

I’m no expert, so I will imagine the aftermath of a major earthquake. After coming out from beneath my kitchen table, and checkingu on my family, I’d check on our neighbors and not even think about food.

But after four hours I’d realize refrigerator has been off for awhile, and it’s unlikely it will be turned on for weeks. So, how will we cook our food?

1. Decide How You Will Cook After a Disaster
Personally, I would not cook anything and use our pantry food and small canned foods that require no refrigeration such as peanut butter, honey, canned fruit and fresh fruit. Eventually we would have to heat up something like stew. One cooking option is a simple one-burner gas butane stove. So, we turn it on and heat up our canned stew. Yum! That stew never tasted so good.

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Other options:

  • Small camp stove in our 72-hour bags
  • Propane barbecue with the single burner on the side. 
  • Use firewood and coal last since they would use up valuable fuel that could keep you warm.
    How will we boil water? A camping tea kettle is perfect for that. You may even need to boil water for medicinal needs. Lots of things to consider with your imagination.

    2. Gather Emergency Cooking Supplies
    May is a great month to watch for sales on cooking supplies. Don’t feel you have to run out and buy anything right away.
    Cooking Options:

    • Camp stove and fuel
    • Dutch oven and supplies
    • Single burner-camp stove and fuel
    • Solar oven
    72-Hour Kit Ideas:
    • camping can opener
    • mess kit
    • eating utensils
    • matches or lighter
    • mini stove and fuel

    I hope you decide what cooking items work best for your family.

    Best wishes,

    Valerie Albrechtsen
    The Food Storage Organizer

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