Preparedness Challenge: June Week 1

The first preparedness challenge in June is to buy and fill your emergency water container(s). Clean drinking water is essential for all of us. So, be wise and store H2O for your family. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are encouraged to store drinking water. Never ration water when someone asks for it. Dehydration sets in very quickly especially for infants and children. Do you have enough water for everyone in your family? If not, then this is something you can begin working on this month.

1. Buy a Water Storage Container
Your goal is to store a 2-week supply of water or 14 gallons per person so figure out how many containers you will need. If you can’t store that many containers, store as many as you can.

  • You can clean and reuse thick soda bottles or use 5 or 15-gallon containers, or a 55-gallon barrel.
  • If you purchase a large barrel, get a pump to pump the water out.
  • We add AquaMira water treatment drops to our barrels to extend the shelf life otherwise, refill your containers every year.

  • Don’t store water in milk containers because they leak over time. 
  • We store water in a variety of containers: a few cases of purchased bottled water, 5-gallon containers and barrels. The choice is yours.
  • Look for containers at Walmart, Amazon, camping stores or industrial container companies.

2. Fill a Water Storage Container

  • Read and print the CDC document Making Water Safe in an Emergency
  • Follow the steps to prepare your containers and fill them.
  • Put a copy in My Disaster Plan binder found in the January week 2 challenge.
  • Store your container(s) in a closet or under a bathroom sink. It’s not ideal to store containers in a hot garage because bacteria can form in your filled containers, but I have two barrels in my garage. 🙂
  • Don’t store containers directly on cement in case chemicals come up from the cement.
  • Put 2×4’s underneath barrels or if you have smaller containers put them on a shelf.

Do the BEST that you can. When you’re done, do a happy dance. 🙂

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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