Preparedness Challenge: June Week 2

Our second preparedness challenge in June is to put underwear, socks, a rain poncho and a flashlight into our grab and go 72-hour kit. That shouldn’t be too difficult. But for some reason most of us think we can still fit in the undies we put in our kit five years ago. Ahem. Of all the items you put in your kit, you definitely want clean underwear that fits. We see people evacuating their homes through rain and flood waters all the time in the news. So plan for it.

1. Underwear and Socks
After a disaster when your clothes have gotten wet or dirty, something clean is a true blessing. 

  • Inspect your 72-hour kit and make sure these items still fit you. Buy new ones if necessary.
  • If you have growing children you probably need to trade out these items every year.
  • Gather one or two extra of each item.
  • Put them in a plastic zipper bag to keep them dry and mark the date you added them to the kit on the bag. 
  • Put a reminder on your calendar to update them next year. 
  • If you have an infant, keep a change of clothing in your diaper bag at all times as this bag will probably become your grab-and-go 72-hour kit.
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2. Rain Poncho and Flashlight

There’s nothing worse than getting wet during a disaster. We had our own little disaster a few days ago when it rained so hard that our rain gutters weren’t doing their job and water came in a window in the kitchen. We gathered towels and then ran outside in the rain to adjust the rain gutters. I was grateful for my rain jacket and rain boots.

  • Add a flashlight or headlamp and an inexpensive rain poncho to the kit of each family member. 
  • Find these items at dollar stores, Walmart or even your favorite college stores.
Stay dry and keep the gathering simple. You’ve got this!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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