Preparedness Challenge: June Week 4

During week four of our June preparedness challenges, we’ll gather short-term and long-term food storage beverages. We’re encouraged as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to store food that could help us when we struggle financially or have nothing else to eat. Here are a few beverage ideas.

Printable Preparedness Challenge: June Week 4

1. Gather Fortified and Electrolyte Beverages
For short-term or everyday food storage, I gather shelf-stable juices like apple juice and electrolyte beverages such as Gatorade. If we ever have a serious illness or pandemic, we want something to replenish lost nutrients. So find something you regularly drink and keep it in stock.

2. Gather Nonfat-Dry Milk
The LDS Church sells Nonfat Dry Milk at Home Storage Centers or online. Use it for cooking or drinking.

  • Provides calcium and protein.
  • Pouch $4.50 at Home Storage Centers.
  • 28 oz. (1.8 lb.) resealable pouch makes 29 servings.
  • Buy individual pouches or a case box of 12.
  • GREAT taste! It’s been reformulated so it’s not the same milk that came in those big cans.
  • Keep it with your cooking supplies so you WILL use it.
  • 1 cup of water + 3 T of LDS Nonfat Dry Milk = 1 Cup milk
  • 20-year shelf life unopened if stored in a cool, dry place and about a 3-month shelf life opened.
  • A long-term food, but it’s very economical for everyday use.
  • A 3-month supply = 7 pouches.
  • A 12-month supply = 28 pouches (49 lbs.).

Some people say, “I never use my food storage. Why should I store it?” Perhaps the blessings have already come. Food storage is the best home insurance. Be committed and enjoy the blessings!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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