Preparedness Challenge: August Week 3

Our third preparedness challenge this month is to gather canning jars and food storage supplies. Also add emergency shelter activities to our 72-hour kits. Whether you’re a canner or not, it’s a great idea to add glass canning jars, storage containers or plastic storage bags to your home supplies.

Put some items in your 72-hour kit to keep your hands and mind busy while you’re waiting at a hotel or emergency shelter after an emergency. You’ll be happy you did. What if your grandkids were with you? Are you prepared to entertain them?


  • Mason jars come in a variety of sizes from tiny to giant.
  • Store yeast, vital wheat gluten, wheat flour, oat flour, almond flour, nuts, etc. in jars or storage containers in your refrigerator or freezer. Many of these items lose their nutritional value on your shelf. Nuts can go rancid if they are not refrigerated.
  • Use the canning jar boxes to prevent bottle breakage on storage shelves.
  • Don’t forget some rings and lids.
  • Plastic storage containers and baggies work well too.
  • Buy at Walmart, Amazon, dollar stores, grocery stores and thrift stores.
  • Great ideas for storing in jars can be found at
Food Storage Organizer

These 12 oz. jelly jars are the perfect size for some of my baking supplies.

Food Storage Organizer

Here’s my oatmeal breakfast station. Pretty cool, huh? The oats, dry milk and apples are from the LDS Home Storage Centers. I broke up the apple slices into smaller pieces. How’s that for using your food storage!

Food Storage Organizer
These pint-sized wide mouth Ball jars are the perfect size for oatmeal station toppings.
Food Storage Organizer

I love my Brother P-touch, PTD210 label maker too! It helps with all of my organization needs.


You’ve got this!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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