Learn How to Fix a Broken Window • October Prep Challenge #4

The last preparedness challenge in October is to learn how to fix a broken window. As temperatures become colder across the United States, the need for warmth increases. A broken window will let outside air in. If the damage is caused by a natural disaster, local repairmen will be busy and may not be able to help you immediately. So, be prepared with supplies to cover windows yourself. Do not attempt to cover any window you cannot safely access. Let’s look at some supplies that may help you.

Learn How to Fix a Broken Window • October Prep Challenge #4

1. Learn How to Fix a Broken Window

  • Assess the broken window damage. Do not attempt to repair windows you cannot safely reach!
  • Put on leather work gloves and safety goggles.
  • Sweep up glass on the floor. Do not remove the window!
  • Use clear packing tape or duct tape to cover the hole.
  • Then tape a large trash bag over the frame and tape it in place. If you can safely reach the outside of the window, tape another bag there.
  • Tools: Leather gloves, safety goggles, packing or duct tape, large trash bags
  • Read more here: How to Temporarily Fix a Window in an Emergency

2. Buy a Portable Space Heater

  • Another item to have on hand to help keep you warm in the winter is a portable space heater. Look at reviews for a heater that will work in most bedrooms in your home.
  • If the number of broken windows is excessive, you may need to isolate to one room. Close the doors for added warmth.
  • If you need to evacuate to another house in your neighborhood, take the heater with you.

Once you learn how to fix a broken window, you will have confidence to care for your family when needed.

Best wishes and stay healthy,

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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