Preparedness Challenge: October Week 2

Fall is my favorite time of year when the weather is cooler, and the leaves change color. Because of these cooler temperatures, your October week two preparedness challenge is to inventory blankets, beanies, mittens and gloves then gather a few items to keep you warm this winter. These items will vary depending on your climate, but in an emergency when your power is out, and the furnace is off you will want some warmer clothes. You will also be adding a few of these warm items to your 72-hour kit.


  • Many of us have blankets and quilts, but have you ever taken an inventory of them?
  • Look throughout your home to see if you have enough blankets to keep everyone warm during a power outage.
  • How much is enough? Just think of your baby, children or grandchildren in a 45-degree house and you’ll figure it out.
  • If your child’s favorite blanket gets dirty during a disaster, is there another one to replace it?
  • Also, inventory beanies, mittens and gloves.
  • Wash those blankets, beanies and mittens and store them where everyone can find them.


  • Add an emergency blanket, hand and foot warmers, a beanie and mittens to your 72-hour kit.
  • Hand and foot warmers may be purchased economically in a large box at Costco or Amazon.
  • Add a few hand and foot warmers to your kit and keep the rest in a cupboard for winter use.

Enjoy cuddling up this week!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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