Preparedness Challenge: November Week 3

Our third preparedness challenge for November is to add a few emergency tools to your 72-hour kit. To keep it simple, I selected items you can find on sale during the holiday season. You may already have some of these at home. If you ever need to evacuate, camp out or camp in, these tools could prove useful. Keeping them in your 72-hour kit will reassure you they are there.

1. Add Emergency Tools to Your 72-hour Kit

If you need to evacuate, you may have an emergency where you need to cut canvas to free an individual. Or you might need a screwdriver to fix something. So, gather a few emergency tools.

  • While shopping, think inexpensive, lightweight, and useful. NOT survival of the fittest.
  • You’ll find great prices at hardware stores, dollar stores, the men’s gadget section in department stores, and Walmart.
  • Consider items such as a multi-tool or a Swiss Army knife, carabiners, a bungee cord, or zip ties.
  • Attach a few carabiners to the outside of your 72-hour kit to hang something useful.
  • You probably can think of a few items yourself. Especially those of you who are hikers.
  • You’ll find more useful items at our Preparedness Challenge: July Week 1.

If you can’t afford anything this week, focus on gathering more food storage.

Continue the adventure. You CAN!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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