Begin a 72-hour Kit • January Prep Challenge #4

Our fourth January preparedness challenge is to begin a 72-Hour Kit. Some people call it a bug-out-bag or grab-and-go kit. Whatever the name, they each have the same purpose: a bag of supplies to take with you if you need to evacuate. Everyone should have a kit at home and at work. Let’s start with the one at home.

Begin a 72-hour Kit • January Prep Challenge #4


These kits are expensive, so each month I’ll suggest a few items to add to yours. You can gather things as quickly as you want and you do not have to buy everything I suggest. There is a list of everything below if you want to finish more quickly.

  • All emergency supplies will NOT fit in a large backpack, so be very picky about what you do put in your backpack or carry-on bag. A carry-on suitcase works well too if you struggle carrying your bag.
  • “A backpack shouldn’t weigh more than about 25% of the weight of the person carrying it. So if a person weighs 125 pounds, the total weight of the backpack should be no more than 31.25 pounds. Of course it should be lighter if a person does not have strength to carry it.” (Barbara Salsbury from the book “Preparedness Principles”)
  • Backpacks on a frame can withstand bad weather and rough handling and could carry a sleeping bag. However, those on a frame are not suitable for small children or seniors.
  • Can you imagine the number of bags at an evacuation center? Label your kit with your name or first initial and last name. Put your phone number inside. We use duct tape and a permanent marker to put our names on our bags.
  • Use additional container like a bucket or tote to carry the rest of your supplies in case you evacuate by car. You can keep a family tent in its own bag. You you could attach a small tent to a backpack as well.


Here are the first items you will add to your 72-hour kit.

  • toilet paper – enough for three days
  • travel toiletries – check dollar stores


Get your family involved when adding items to their 72-hour kit so they take ownership and master this skill.

Best wishes and stay healthy,

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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