Buy a Cooler For a Power Outage • June Prep Challenge #2

Our second June prep challenge is to buy a cooler for a power outage. This summer will be hot, so prepare now for power outages. After a power outage, your refrigerator will only keep foods safe for up to 4 hours. However, you can transfer milk, meat, cheese, and eggs into a smaller space like a cooler. Beyond this time your food is no longer safe to eat. Let’s get prepared.

Buy a Cooler For a Power Outage • June Prep Challenge #2

Buy a Cooler, Ice Packs and Appliance Thermometers

  • Study, Food Safety for Power Outages. Also print and hang this list of which foods to keep or which to discard at
  • Always keep ice packs in your freezer to use in your cooler when necessary.
  • Keep appliance thermometers in your refrigerator and freezer. Check Walmart or online.
  • Open your fridge quickly to see the temperature. Decide if you should move items to a cooler or freezer.
  • Refrigerators should be kept at 40 degrees or below, and freezers at 0 degrees.
  • A freezer can keep food cold up to 24 hours if half full and 48 hours if very full. If you feel your power outage will be long, quickly put milk, meat, and cheese in your freezer.
  • Make sure you own a good cooler like a Yeti or a LifeTime.
  • Store cooler in a location where family members can easily find it.
  • If transferring food to cooler, place ice packs in the bottom of your cooler, then food, then more ice packs on top.
  • Sometimes it’s just safe to throw food out.
  • Keep a lunch sack with a cold pack frozen in your freezer in case your medication or breast milk needs refrigeration.

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Best wishes on buying prep supplies for a power outage like a cooler, ice packs and an appliance thermometer. You CAN do it!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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