Buy Lights For Power Outages and 72-Hour Kits • June Prep Challenge #4

The last prep challenge for June is to buy lights for power outages AND add a few clothes to your 72-hour kit. No one likes to be in the dark during a power outage, especially children. This is a great time of year to find lights for emergencies on sale since stores have them in stock for camping. You will also want to buy some emergency lights for your home in case you have an extended power outage. Many of us no longer fit in the underwear we packed in our kits five years ago, especially our children. So, this week update or add clothing to your kit. Let’s look at some ideas for this prep challenge.

Buy Lights For Power Outages and 72-Hour Kits • June Prep Challenge #4

Buy Lights for Power Outages

There are several types of lights you can use during a power outage.

  • In every bathroom, keep a rechargeable light plugged in to light up if you’re ever caught without light in the bathroom.
  • Avoid using your cell phone light during emergencies as it will drain the battery. A lantern or flashlight is a better choice. A lantern or flashlight is a better option.
  • See above for places to purchase.
  • If you have solar yard lights, you can charge them during the day and use as an indoor light at night.
  • Keep your lantern or flashlight in places your family can easily find them in case you are not home when the power goes out.

Add Lights and Clothes to Your 72-Hour Kit

  • This week add a lightweight headlamp or flashlight to your 72-hour kit. A headlamp is a great option as it allows you to be hands free.
  • You’ll find emergency lights at Walmart, camping or hardware stores, Costco, Sam’s Club or Amazon. If you already have a light in your kit, test your light or replace the batteries.
  • Also add underwear, socks and a lightweight hoodie to your kit. During a disaster your clothes may become dirty or wet. Clean, dry clothing will be a true blessing.
  • Put your clothing in a plastic zipper bag to keep them dry. Mark the date you packed them on the bag. If you have growing children, perhaps trade out clothes every year. Add a reminder on your calendar to update your clothing. 
  • If you have an infant, keep several changes of clothing always in your diaper bag.

Light up your life this week and move forward lights for your home and kits this week!

Best wishes and stay healthy!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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