Buy Clothing For Next Year • July Prep Challenge #4

The pandemic led to clothing shortages last year, so this week our fourth prep challenge in July is to buy clothing for next year. Clothing sales fell 79% in April 2020, some of our favorite stores disappeared, and current news reports indicate clothing prices will increase. Before you run out the door, you probably have plenty of clothes in your closet. The idea is to have a basic supply of clothes for next year.

In the Local Area Preparedness Guides from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we read, “Store other necessities you would need for emergencies in case they are not available to buy.” Suggested items: “Clothing, including some that young children can grow into.” Let’s look at how to stock up on clothing especially for children.

Buy Clothing For Next Year • July Prep Challenge #4

Take a Clothing Inventory

Inventory the clothes your family has now.

  • Some children can add up their clothes for you.
  • Teach them to generously give away unneeded items.
  • Does each person have an adequate supply of underwear, socks, shoes, or other clothing?
  • Decide how much you feel each person needs now and for the next year as the season changes.

Child’s Minimalist Wardrobe

As you learn to evaluate the differences between wants and needs, you’ll soon be able to come up with a plan to stock up on clothing for next year. Here’s an example of a child’s minimalist wardrobe. It will require washing clothes more often, but it’s doable.

Stock Up On Clothing For The Future • July Prep Challenge #4

Wardrobe Tips

  • Siblings have been sharing clothes for eons. Save the best for another child and you’ll save money. Since infants grow quickly, buy a larger size they’ll eventually grow into.
  • Focus on buying less-expensive basics. If you find a great sale, buy one shirt in your child’s current size and one in the next size up with a different design or color.
  • Buy extra shoes on clearance. If they don’t fit later, trade with a friend.
  • Thrift stores carry quality clothes at a substantial discount. Know which brands you prefer and keep an eye out for them.
  • Talk to salespeople about upcoming sales. Many willingly share the information.
  • Latter-day Saint temple garments are not made to last forever, so keep a few new ones on hand.
  • “Outgrown clothing for both children and adults can be remade into clothing for younger family members.” see The Latter-day Saint Woman.
  • Jeans can be cut down to shorts for the summer. If you own a sewing machine, do a few alterations on clothing.

“As you think about what you need to store, consider basic items (hygiene supplies, medication, important documents, clothing, and so on), water, and food that you may need to sustain yourself and your family for short-term and long-term periods. Learn about what to store for your area’s specific needs in the Temporal Preparedness Guide for Your Area.

Tips for Food Storage and Production


When you see “Lowest Prices of the Season” it means lowest price period. Buy summer clothes at clearance sales in mid-July through August and winter clothes in January and early February.

  • TARGET: According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, after a holiday you can get 50% off the day after, 75% off three days after, and 90 percent off a week after. Children’s clothing gets put on clearance on Monday, women’s on Tuesday, and men’s on Wednesday.
  • OLD NAVY: The Krazy Coupon Lady says Spring sales are in mid-April to end of May, summer sales mid-July through August, fall sales mid-October through November, and winter sales mid-January through February. Black Friday has 50% off the entire store and is a great time to buy coats, shirts, jeans, and shoes.
  • KOHL’S: Watch for 50% to 80% off clearance sales. There’s a winter boot clearance in January-February. Match coupons to clearance items for the best price.
  • NORDSTROM RACK: Watch for 3-day “Clear the Rack” events with 50% – 75% off just before each holiday.

I hope some of these ideas help you buy some pieces of clothing for next year. Pray for help and you will be blessed to find what you need.

Best wishes and stay healthy!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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