Buy Food Storage Containers • August Prep Challenge #1

Our first prep challenge in August is to buy food storage containers like canning jars, plastic containers, buckets, or plastic storage bags if you need them. Storage containers help keep your food free from air and bugs, and improves shelf life. Transfer everyday pantry foods like flour, spices, breakfast cereal pasta into food storage containers. Or gather canning jars to can fruits and vegetables. If you have space, store grains, sugars, and dry beans in buckets. Let’s look at various containers.

Buy Food Storage Containers • August Prep Challenge #1

Buy Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers may be purchased or gathered over time. If finances are tight, you could reuse glass food containers by washing them thoroughly. Keep your eyes open for store or yard sales as well.

  • Decide which containers will work best for various locations such as your pantry, kitchen cupboards, basement, refrigerator, or freezer.
  • Store yeast, vital wheat gluten, wheat flour, oat flour, almond flour, nuts, etc. in jars or other storage containers in your refrigerator or freezer. Many of these items lose nutritional value or go rancid if not refrigerated. There’s an EXCELLENT article on storing these type of foods at Check it out here!
  • Glass Mason jars are also a great choice for your fridge or freezer.
  • Plastic food storage containers, plastic zipper bags, or reusable storage bags work well for everyday food storage too.
  • If you enjoy canning your own food, make sure you store your canned items in the boxes they came with to prevent bottle breakage.
  • Jelly jars are the perfect size for some of my smaller baking supplies.
Buy Food Storage Containers
Food Storage Breakfast Station
  • My long-term foods come in cans from the Latter-day Saint Home Storage Center, but you can store in buckets or Mylar bags. If you need help canning your own long-term foods, go to Utah State University Extension for their food storage booklet. It’s a great food storage resource!
Food Storage Buckets
  • I love to store my sugar in 5-gallon buckets with Gamma twister lids in my pantry. When I buy 2 lb. bags of brown or powdered sugar, I stack them in a bucket. I restack them every time I buy new bags using FIFO (First In, First Out) which is putting the newest item on the bottom and the oldest on the top so I use the oldest bags first. I transfer them to a smaller container in my kitchen cupboard for everyday use. A 25 lb. bag of white sugar fits in a bucket and costs $12.99 at Costco.

It’s nice to keep your food organized in safe food storage containers. Good luck finding them!

Best wishes and stay focused.

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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