Buy a Preparedness Book, Gas Shut-Off Key, and Can Opener • September Prep Challenge #4

Our fourth September prep challenge is to buy a few emergency preparedness books, a gas shut-off key, and a can opener. Keep a small library of preparedness books to help you during a disaster. You may not have access to the internet during a power outage, so buy a book you can hold. I prefer the less wordy books.

Buy a Preparedness Book, Gas Shut-Off Key, and Can Opener • September Prep Challenge #4

Buy an Emergency Preparedness Book

Whatever book you buy, READ it! Here are a few suggestions you may purchase in my Amazon store. Save money and buy used.

Buy a Gas Shut-Off Key

  • Find your gas meter and learn when and when not to shut it off from your local gas company website.
  • You could always shut off the gas with pliers if you can get to them but make your life easier during a disaster by attaching a gas shut-off key so it’s always there.

Buy a Handheld Can Opener

  • Many of us use electric can openers, but those won’t work when the power goes out.
  • Keep a handheld can opener in your kitchen drawer to open any cans you might need to use.
  • How to Clean Your Can Opener. recommends you put your can opener gears in in a mason jar, then fill to the gears with vinegar. Soak for a few minutes (or an hour). Brush off the rust and gunk with a toothbrush, and dry. 

These few preparedness goals could make a huge difference in an emergency. Hope you find a preparedness book, a gas shut-off key, and a handheld can opener.

Best wishes and stay healthy!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

Purchase my food storage and emergency preparedness items in my Etsy shop.

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