Buy Fabric and Thread • September Prep Challenge #5

If you sew, buy fabric and thread for our fifth prep challenge in September for a time of need. During the early months of the pandemic of 2020, there was a shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment). Thousands of volunteers sewed face masks and hospital gowns. A shipping or factory shortage could affect our ability to purchase fabric, clothing, window coverings, bedding, and medical bandages. So this month, stock up on fabric and thread just in case.

Buy Fabric and Thread • September Prep Challenge #5

Buy Fabric and Thread

How much fabric and thread to buy is completely up to you, just don’t go overboard.

  • Perhaps two yards of one fabric design and a spool of thread.
  • Choose basic colors with simple designs in cotton or cotton polyester fabric.
  • Fabric and thread may be purchased year-round on clearance after season changes.
  • Buy thread that works well in your sewing machine in colors such as black or white.
  • Sewing skills may also be used to mend clothing, so keep sewing needles on hand too.
  • If you already have fabric on hand, then organize it by color or fabric type.

“Storing extra fabric to make new clothing can also be useful. Needles, thread, and other sewing items should be part of every home storage so that torn clothing can be mended.”

The Latter-day Saint Woman: Basic Manual for Women, Part B
Buy Fabric and Thread • September Prep Challenge #5

Pandemic Face Mask Project

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was impossible to get face masks shipped from China. I oversaw a face mask project for my husband’s healthcare facilities. We collected over 2500 hand sewn face masks donated by amazing individuals from four stakes!!! It really was a miracle.

At a time when women are minimizing, keep fabric and thread. If you have sewing skills, buy fabric and thread this month for a time of need.

Best wishes and stay focused!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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