Add Emergency Cell Phone Apps • February Prep Challenge #4

Our fourth preparedness challenge for February is to add emergency cell phone apps and buy a solar cell phone charger. Whether it’s an everyday disaster or a major disaster, we need emergency answers quickly, so add emergency apps to your smartphone. I keep these apps in a folder on my cell phone so I can find them quickly. Also buy a solar cell phone charger in case you are without power.

Add Emergency Cell Phone Apps • February Prep Challenge #4

Add Emergency Cell Phone Apps

These are my favorites:



This app will give you real-time weather alerts and emergency safety tips for disasters, including earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes. It has instructions on building an emergency kit, will help you find out disaster risks based on your zip code, and help you locate open disaster shelters in your area.

American Red Cross

Red Cross Apps

Learn how to give first aid for bleeding, choking, concussions, diabetic emergency, heart attack, heat stroke, etc., order emergency supplies, and register for an online emergency course. Download this important app!

PulsePoint Respond


If you’ve been trained in CPR, as a citizen you can assist someone near your current location who is having a cardiac emergency in case you are closer than first responders. Save a life.


This Utah app “provides real-time crisis intervention to youth through texting and a confidential tip program right from your smartphone.” If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to, counselors are available to chat. Your state may have something similar.

Buy a Solar Cell Phone Charger

  • During a disaster, you still need to communicate, however the longer you use our phone, the quicker the battery drains. Be prepared with a fully charged solar cell phone charger. They really do work!
  • A few years ago, several members of my church congregation purchased the Max 2-in-1 from LuminAid for a group discount of $28 versus the regular price of $50. This collapsible cell phone charger is great because it’s waterproof and provides a nice, bright light as well. LuminAid has periodic website sales. You may also purchase one from Amazon or REI.

Additional Emergency Equipment

Here are a few other emergency items you may want to look into.

  • AM/FM radio, solar or crank. Don’t count on your cell phone working during a disaster. You will want to hear emergency news. Keep this in an adult pack.
  • Two-way radio such as a Baofeng or a Ham radio.

I hope you learned something useful about the importance of emergency apps and a solar cell phone charger!

Best wishes and be safe this winter!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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