Buy Fire Safety and Rescue Equipment • July Prep Challenge #1

Our first preparedness challenge in July is to buy fire safety and rescue equipment. Most fires are caused by humans, but earthquakes, tornadoes, electrical storms, and other disasters cause fires as well. So, it’s important to be prepared with some basic safety and rescue equipment. If your finances are tight, you can buy these over time. Let’s take a look those basics.

Buy Fire Safety and Rescue Equipment • July Prep Challenge #1

Buy Fire Safety and Rescue Equipment

Let firefighters or other first responders do the rescuing whenever possible. However, you may be the only person who can help someone escape a fire or other disaster.

If you aren’t strong enough or trained to rescue someone, keep equipment on hand to give someone else.

A. Fire Extinguisher – Every home needs an ABC fire extinguisher. This type can be tested and refilled. Costco and Sam’s Club sell a good ABC fire extinguisher.

B. Smoke Detectors – Does your smoke alarm still work? Do you need a newer model? Test your alarms this month. Replace the 9-volt battery if necessary.

C. Fire Escape Ladder – If you live on the 2nd floor, get a fire escape ladder. This news story teaches you if a ladder is worth it and this video shows the host from an old house installing one. Pretty amazing!

D. Climbing Rope – This can be used to tie off objects so they are out of the way, or assist in a rescue.

E. Garden Hose with High Flow Fire Nozzle – You may be able to put out a small grass fire with a hose and high flow fire nozzle. Never battle a house fire with a hose.

F. Pry bar – Use this to pull nails, pry boards, lift a heavy object or scrape something out of the way.

G. Emergency Auto Safety Hammer – This hammer will help you break in or out of a window or car.

Keep rescue items stored in a well-marked tote where you can easily find them.

As you ponder what fire safety equipment and rescue supplies to keep your family safe, answers will come.

Best wishes and be safe!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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