Buy Canned and Dry Soup for Food Storage • November Prep Challenge #2

With winter and cold and flu season upon us, our second preparedness challenge in November is to buy canned and dry soup for food storage. Some of us love making homemade soup which is doable if you have plenty of water. It’s best to keep a combination of canned soup, dry soup and broth in your pantry for everyday cooking and for times you don’t have water.

Buy Canned and Dry Soup for Food Storage • November Prep Challenge #2

Buy Canned and Dry Soup for Food Storage

Canned and dry soups typically go on sale during November and December. Hooray! This will make stocking up easier and economical for you.


  • Decide how many condensed soups, dry soup mixes, broth, or complete soup meals you use in a month or three months.
  • You may prefer bouillon powder or cubes instead of canned broth. Buy what you like so you will use them.
  • Be aware that tomato-based soups have a shorter shelf-life of about 18-24 month compared to other soups which may have a 3-5 year shelf-life. Check can best buy dates.
  • Prepared soups are great for emergency use because you only have to heat them up.
  • Find great soup recipes at


  • Remember if you store dry soup, you need to store extra emergency water.
  • Some dry soup ideas are ramen soup, Lipton onion soup, 15-bean soup, split pea soup, and Bear Creek Soup mixes. Check Walmart for reasonable prices.
  • For long-term soup, Rainy Day Foods carries an 84 oz. can of ABC Soup Mix. Augason Farms carries a Creamy Potato Soup mix and Cheesy Broccoli Soup Mix.
  • If you like to make homemade soup, you can add Latter-day Saint 1″ Spaghetti Bites, dehydrated Carrots, dehydrated Onions, and thicken with Potato Flakes. These items are sold at
  • shows you how to make six inexpensive homemade soup mixes for mason jars to give as gifts.

Keep your food storage pantry full of canned and dry soup and you will never go hungry.

Best wishes and stay healthy,

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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