Organize Your Pantry Food • January Prep Challenge 2

The second preparedness challenge of January is to organize your pantry food so you what you really should stock up on.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are encouraged to gather a 3-month supply of pantry food, but where do you put it?

You’ll be surprised how much room you will have when you bring order out of chaos. Here are several ideas to help you organize your pantry.

January Prep Challenge #2 • Organize Your Pantry Food

Organize Your Pantry Food

  • TAKE EVERYTHING OUT Put food and non-food on your kitchen counters and table. Then wipe those shelves clean! Add shelf paper to make it look nice. This project could take several days.
  • TOSS IT OUT any expired or damaged food you no longer eat.If you can’t find an expiration date, toss it. Check for food shelf-life.
  • GROUP SIMILAR FOOD ITEMS into groups such as: small, canned foods, pasta/rice/potatoes, baking ingredients, breakfast items, spices, beverages, etc.
  • TAKE AN INVENTORY of what you have.
  • MOVE RARELY USED NON-FOOD ITEMS into a closet, the garage, or basement to make room for food in your kitchen. Donate duplicate appliances.
  • CORRAL ITEMS in clear containers, canisters, bins, baskets, or door organizers. Reuse containers you already have. Label your containers.
  • ORGANIZE SPICES alphabetically in a dark cupboard or drawer away from heat.
  • OILS AND FAT STORAGE Group cooking oils, shortening, coconut oil and cooking spray together in a dark cupboard away from light. Pay attention to the shelf life as they can go rancid.
  • GROUP CANNED FOODS Double stack cans putting the same item on the bottom of the stack and a different item on top or use can racks to keep things organized.
  • USE F.I.F.O (first in first out) Move oldest items to the front and newest to the back after unloading groceries.
  • BREAKFAST FOODS Cereal, pancake mix and other breakfast foods store well in plastic storage containers.
  • BAKING SUPPLIES Choose storage containers for your baking supplies such as flour, sugar and oats.

Inspiration Videos

Here my favorite pantry organization videos.

As you organize your pantry food you will feel a sense of satisfaction. You can do it!

Best wishes and look for the good!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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