Buy Home Sanitation Supplies • April Prep Challenge #3

Our third prep challenge in April is to buy home sanitation and hygiene supplies, and add some of them into our 72-hour kits. Didn’t our pandemic experience teach us the importance of stocking up on these supplies? Well, don’t stop that habit.

These items are perfect for everyday use and disaster use. Be reasonable in the amounts you buy. I like to keep a 3-month supply of most of these items, but you could certainly gather more or less depending on your finances and home storage space. For instance, you might buy a 6-month supply of trash bags and only a one-month supply of diapers.

Buy Home Sanitation Supplies • April Prep Challenge #3

Buy Home Sanitation Supplies

If you buy these items on sale regularly, you can build up a good supply in your home. Look for sales at grocery and drug stores, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Costco and online.

  • toilet paper
  • diapers and wipes, or cleansing wipes
  • feminine or incontinent items
  • trash bags

Add Sanitation Supplies to 72-Hour Kit

Add some of these items:

  • needle & thread
  • trash bag
  • feminine or incontinent items 
  • diapers and wipes or cleansing wipes
  • Mothers should keep a well-stocked diaper bag because this could suddenly become your infant’s 72-hour kit.

Stock up on sanitation and hygiene supplies in April, or over the next 30 days. As you learn what a 3-month supply is for your family, keep it stocked throughout the year. You’re doing great!

Best wishes and look for the good in people,

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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