Add Emergency Tools To Your 72-hour Kit • November Prep Challenge #3

Our third preparedness challenge for November is to add emergency tools to your 72-hour kit. During a walk-away evacuation, you may need to repair something or free someone. Gather a few emergency tools for your kit to help, or perhaps buy them for someone you love for Christmas! I chose gadgets you may find on sale during the holidays. You might already have a few at home. Keeping them in your 72-hour kit will help you find them quickly.

Add Emergency Tools To Your 72-hour Kit • November Week #3

Add Emergency Tools to Your 72-hour Kit

  • Find a multi-tool or Swiss Army knife with scissors. And some carabiners.
  • While shopping, think “lightweight and useful.”
  • You’ll find competitive prices in hardware stores, the men’s gadget section in department stores, and Walmart.
  • Attach a few carabiners to the outside of your 72-hour kit bag so you can attach something as needed.
  • Find more useful tools on my website at Preparedness Challenge July Week 1.

If you don’t need anything this week, focus on gathering more food storage.

Best wishes and be thankful!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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