72-Hour Kits

To simplify making a 72-hour kit, I divided “the big list” into 12 steps. I am not an expert on 72-hour kits, but I get the highest number of views on my blog about this topic, so I’m taking it seriously. I want to help you succeed and get the job done. Breaking this down into the following steps will hopefully make the task less daunting.

Various emergency scenarios

Best-case disaster scenario

My husband heroically drives home in his noble white 4Runner to help me. I have all of our supplies beautifully packed and ready to go. We are able to throw all our stuff into his car and drive to a hotel that has power. The disaster only lasts 72-hours and we return home.

Worst-case disaster scenario

I was at the grocery store when the earthquake struck and I have to walk 3 miles home because no one can drive on the roads. When I arrive home two neighborhood kids are sitting in my yard crying because they can’t find their mother. My daughter and the dog are sitting with them. I have to figure out how to get them water, food and shelter. Suddenly it begins to rain.

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