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Money Saving Ideas: Cut Your Family’s Hair

By November 4, 2008 4 Comments

Today my little princess decided to cut her own hair. She went from this . . .

. . . to this.

We just got back from Great Clips where they fixed my daughters artwork, and doesn’t it look cute! This reminded me of a way we have saved thousands of dollars over the years. Since there are 4 boys (including my husband) and 4 girls in my family, I used to cut everyone’s hair. I purchased a Wahl hair clipper set when we were first married, and practiced on my husband. His curly hair was very forgiving of all of my mistakes. If you figure an inexpensive haircut costs $15, multiply that by 8 and we saved $120 per month. Multiply by 12 to save $1440 per year! Later, I bought a mini trimmer which helps with cutting around the ears. I prefer those with a cord. I know a lot of you already do this, but if you don’t, I recommend investing in a $30 Wahl clipper set, and practice on your own family. Happy clipping!

Go to the Wahl website for How to videos


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