72-Hour Kit

Breaking it down into 12 steps will hopefully make it easier for you to put together a 72-hour kit. Why have a kit? Let’s take a look at a few emergency scenarios to get you thinking.

72-Hour Kit in 12 Steps

Best-case Disaster Scenario

Your husband heroically drives home in his noble white 4Runner to help you after a disaster. Of course, your 72-hour kits are beautifully packed and waiting on the driveway. Hubby tosses your supplies into his car, and you drive to a hotel that has a room for you and electricity. The disaster lasts 72-hours and you return home.

Worst-case Disaster Scenario

You are at a grocery store when an earthquake strikes. Because the earthquake causes road damage, you must walk three miles home. When you get home, two neighborhood children are sitting in your yard crying because they can’t find their mother. Your teen daughter and your dog are sitting with them. They are hungry and want something to eat. You kick yourself because you never packed those 72-hour kits. Suddenly it begins to rain.

How to Make a 72-Hour Kit in 12 Steps

STEP 1: Bedding

STEP 2: Shelter

STEP 3: Clothing

STEP 4: Personal Hygiene

STEP 5: Activities

STEP 6: Food

STEP 7: Food Prep Items

STEP 8: Emergency Items

STEP 9: Important Papers

STEP 10: Money

STEP 11: Container Ideas

STEP 12: Additional Ideas

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I hope breaking it down into 12 steps will help you put together a 72-hour kit for you and your family. You can do it!

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