Make a 72-Hour Kit in 12 Steps: Step 7 – Food Prep Items

Each time I put together a new part to how to make a 72-hour kit in 12 steps, I find something missing from our existing kits. This time it was the rain ponchos used by family runners preparing for a marathon. I also noticed the fuel was gone for the small camping stove. The rule should be, “You take it out; You put it back.” But we are human.

In our 72-hour kits, I try to pack food that requires almost no cooking and is lightweight. That makes it easy to come up with a list of food prep items. I like the enamelware cups in our kits because you can put them over a fire if you need to boil water and they don’t get crushed in the pack. I can’t remember where I bought them, but most of these items can be found at Walmart, a camping store, online or at an emergency supply store.

We also have a couple of family emergency buckets with some additional supplies in case we are lucky enough to evacuate by car and take more food with us. The buckets have things that don’t fit in a backpack; the things you wished you really had in an emergency. So our kits are minimal, and the buckets carry the heavy stuff. But we don’t have to take them with us if we go on foot.

See the red gas shut off key on the bucket?

If we have to stay put at home after a disaster it will be nice to have things prepared so we don’t have to look all over the house or kitchen for them. I keep these items in our emergency closet near the front door.

So here is my two-part list of things we have:

Step 7: Food Prep Items (in 72-hour Kit)

  • cup (enamelware)
  • spoon, plastic (for stirring hot cocoa)
  • napkins
  • multi-tool which includes scissors (like Leatherman)
  • matches (in baggie)

Step 7: Additional Food Prep Items (in emergency bucket)

  • mess kit
  • foil
  • small roll of paper towels
  • small folding camp stove
  • fuel tablets (in baggie or plastic container)
  • matches (in baggie)
  • small cooking knife
  • manual can opener

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