Preparedness Challenge: July Week 1

The first preparedness challenge for July includes tasks that will help us prepare for fires. Earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters can cause fires as well as man made causes, so this week gathering fire safety and rescue equipment.

Printable Preparedness Challenge: July Week 1


A. Buy a fire escape ladder if you have or live on the 2nd floor.

B. Buy or test your fire extinguisher.

  • ABC fire extinguishers can be tested and refilled. Look for a service in your area.
  • This video shows firefighters going door to door helping people test their fire extinguishers and find the correct place to store them. Sorry, it shouldn’t be under your kitchen sink.

C. Buy or test your smoke alarms. 

  • When you push the test button, does it still work?
  • Do you need a newer model? Yes, they do get old.

D. Buy or test your carbon monoxide detector.

  • Every home should have one. Check to know where to place it. You can replace one of your smoke detectors for a combo smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector.

All items may be purchased at Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco and other hardware stores.


Let firefighters or other first responders do the rescuing whenever possible, but if you must come to the rescue, a few of the supplies below may help. If you aren’t strong enough or trained to rescue someone, wouldn’t it be nice to hand someone else the equipment you have on hand? Keep these items stored in a well-marked tote where you can easily find them. Put the work gloves on top.

  • Pry bar – can pull nails, pry, lift or scrape. One idea is the Wonder Bar or Super Bar. About $12.
  • Outdoor climbing rope – can help you tie off an object or assist in a rescue. About $20.
  • Headlamp – can keep your hands free to help you see in the dark. About $10.
  • Work gloves – to protect your hands from sharp objects. About $10.
  • Emergency Auto Safety Hammer – use to break out or into a car or window. About $5. Amazon VicTsing
    As you ponder what you can do to keep your family safe, answers will come.

    Valerie Albrechtsen
    The Food Storage Organizer

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