How To Buy First Aid Supplies • March Prep Challenge

Our second prep challenge in March is to buy first aid supplies. Create a self-sufficient home that will help you during medical emergencies from the everyday skinned knee to the aftermath of a natural disaster. So, it’s time to go through your first aid supplies and see if you have a sufficient supply.

How to buy first aid supplies.

1. Clean Out First Aid Supplies

  • Go through your first aid and medical supplies. Remove expired items and contact your local pharmacy to find a disposal location near you.
  • Next, go through your first aid supplies. Do you need more bandages? If someone had a broken arm, do you have a sling to help them? Do you want a brand-new first aid kit or just add to what you have?
  • You can buy a first aid manual from the Red Cross.
  • Here’s a list from the Mayo Clinic and another from the Red Cross to help you.
  • Make a list of first aid items you want to buy.
  • And, maybe this month have a chat with your kids about the proper use of medicines.

2. Buy First Aid Supplies

  • Now that you have a list of what you need, look online for those first aid supplies.
  • You’ll find great bargains at Walmart and dollar stores. I love to buy the large Band-Aid box at Costco. It lasts for several years and is cost effective.
  • You don’t have to buy everything all at once. You could add something to your grocery least each month. The important thing is to get started. 
  • TIP: Keep old crutches, splints, wrist guards, knee braces, etc. for future emergency use.

3. Sign Up for a CPR Course

With careful planning, you’ll buy good first aid supplies that may help you or someone else someday.

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