Buy and Fill a Water Storage Container • June Prep Challenge #1

The first prep challenge in June is to buy a water storage container and fill it with drinking water. Dehydration sets in very quickly especially for infants and children, so be wise and store H2O for your family. Never ration water. When someone asks for it, give it to them. Do you have enough water for your family? If not, work on this goal this month.

Buy a Water Storage Container • June Prep Challenge #1


  • FEMA recommends we store a 2-week supply of water or 14 gallons per person. Figure out how much that is for your family.
  • You can store water in 1, 5, 15, 55-gallon containers. If you purchase a large barrel, buy a pump to help get the water out. Or learn how to syphon it.
  • Decide which container(s) you can afford in your home now.
  • If you can’t store 14 gallons per person, store as much water as you can.
  • You can store cases of small bottles of water for short-term emergencies. I love these because the water is purified and can be used for wound care.
  • Do not store water in milk containers because they are biodegradable and may leak on your shelf over time.
  • Shop for containers at Walmart, Amazon, camping stores or industrial container companies.

“Store drinking water for circumstances in which the water supply may be polluted or disrupted. If water comes directly from a good, pretreated source then no additional purification is needed; otherwise, pretreat water before use. Store water in sturdy, leak-proof, breakage-resistant containers. Consider using plastic bottles commonly used for juices and soda. Keep water containers away from heat sources and direct sunlight.”

ALL IS SAFELY GATHERED INFAMILY HOME STORAGE, The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints


  • Read and print the CDC document “Making Water Safe in an Emergency” and follow the steps to prepare your containers and fill them.
  • You can refill your containers every year or add AquaMira water treatment drops to extend the shelf life. Water does NOT expire but will taste stale when stored long-term. Best to rotate.
  • Store container(s) in a closet, under a sink or on a shelf. Don’t store in the sun because bacteria can form.
  • Don’t store containers directly on cement in case chemicals come up from the cement. Put 2×4’s underneath barrels or if you have smaller containers put them on a shelf.

I hope you buy and fill a water storage container for your family.

Best wishes and stay hydrated,

Valerie Albrechtsen, The Food Storage Organizer

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