Money Saving Ideas: Memories of the Library

Some of my happiest memories as a child are the trips with my mother and siblings to the public library. I have to thank my mother for consistently taking us there as kids. I loved it! It opened up my mind to adventures in books. We went more often in the summer, and I would come home with piles of books.

Now, as a preschool teacher, I have the wonderful opportunity of looking for children’s books for my preschool students. It is a money saver for a preschool teacher to have a library system in her area. Our Davis County Library system is exceptional. I reserve books from my computer at home that go along with my preschool themes. They send me an email when the books are transferred to the library closest to me. I pick them up, and it is FREE!

I also want to thank Benjamin Franklin for his suggestion centuries ago to start the first lending library. He and others would pool their money together and buy books for others to borrow. In 1731, the first lending library in America was opened. May you take the opportunity to regularly visit the library.

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  1. Our library here in Oregon stocks DVDs. Free is a great price compared to renting movies. I’ve seen some great environmental shows from Nova and Discovery. Interesting what happens if our air blocks enough sun so that the earth cools.

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