Health Preparedness: Starting a Walking Program

Me in the St. George Marathon, October 2000

I’m hesitant to write my post today because it’s about exercising and setting a goal this year. Like most women, I’ve had my ups and downs and I don’t want to fail. However, I want to share my walking goal, to help you get started on a walking program. My goal this month is to walk 4 days a week on my treadmill by following a walking program written by Hal Higdon, marathoner. I’m not planning on doing a marathon, but a 5K. I’ve been walking about 2 days a week up to this point. I believe this new goal will stretch me, but is doable.

In the past, I wrote on my calendar when I would exercise like an appointment because everyone said to do that, but when I can’t cross it off I feel like a failure. So this time I want to be flexible, workout in the mornings if I can, but if I don’t I HAVE to exercise in the afternoon. Yes! Sweat in the afternoon. This is not the way most women like to do things, but because we choose to do other things when we should be exercising (like posting to our blogs) or something happens that is out of our control, we need to be flexible. And if I can’t get it done, I’ll do it next week. Life will be okay. Each month I will list the total number of days I exercised on the sidebar of my blog. I had walking pneumonia during the Christmas break, so I know you will excuse me.

I have one marathon under my belt, which is quite an accomplishment. It was 10% physical, and 90% mental, believe me. I accomplished this by training with 3 great women: Laurie, Shelley, and Linda. That’s not one of my goals right now because of a problem I have with one of my knees.

But if you’re looking for a website to get you starting on a walking or running program, go to He has some great walking and running programs from a 5 K to a marathon. Also, I plan to walk in the Komen Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 9th. Hope to see you there!

“And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.” D&C 89:20

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  1. I love this blog!! Thanx for taking the time to pot all this great info! I hope to find a walking program I can do–thanx for the ideas and the reminder to just keep trying.

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