JCPenney: Still a Store that Carries Modest Clothing

I got on the treadmill this morning and at the same time browsed through the new spring/summer JCPenney catalog. In times like these, it’s hard to find modest clothes, however I was pleased that JCPenny still chooses to carry many modest women’s clothes. From capris, to blouses, and from longer skirts, to knee length dresses. They have board shorts for swim suits too! Sometimes on our travels from California to Utah, I would take my teenage girls on a shopping trip to find modest dresses. Kind of a long distance for clothes shopping, but my girls are worth it. You may find it hard to find modest clothing too. Let me share a few places you can still find modest clothes and help your daughters remain virtuous on the inside and out, as they prepare for the temple.

Dillard’s stores (the website does not carry all the modest clothing they sell in the Utah stores)
ModestbyDesign (see their casual and prom dresses)
Land’s End (see their swim suits)

Also go to for more ideas.

Call manufacturer Jody of California and they will tell you which stores in your state carry their prom/casual dresses. Their website pictures aren’t very good, but the dresses look better on. My daughters wear tanks under them and look wonderful. Dillard’s and Modest By Design sell some of the Jody dresses in their stores.
You can thank JCPenny by sending them a quick email here.

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