BOOK REVIEW: “Simple Recipes Using Food Storage”

Simple Recipes Using Food Storage by Cedar Fort, Inc., 2008
If you are new (or not new) to using food storage, you will love the basic tips in this great recipe book about cooking with long-term food storage items such as wheat, honey, beans and powdered milk. The first chapter starts out with recipes using only five basic ingredients: wheat, oil, salt, honey or sugar, and water.

Each chapter after that teaches you how to make recipes using a few more ingredients. You will understand the difference between instant and non-instant milk, how to use powdered butter and cheese, and even how to make your own baby formula.

Ever want to know why you need to store certain foods in your food storage? This book explains the basics. There is even a substitution list when you are missing an ingredient. Did you know you could make your own baking powder? Or pumpkin pie spice? I like the small size of this book and that it is spiral bound so that it lies flat. A great food storage resource you’ll refer to again and again!

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  1. Thanks for the review.:)I recently purchased this book and would agree that it is great for the beginner as well as those of us who have been into food storage for a number of years. Joyce

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