Food Storage Great Buys At Dick’s & Dan’s Markets

There are some great case lot prices at Dick’s Market in Centerville or Bountiful March 4 – March 10. Also at Dan’s Foods. The items listed below beat Macey’s prices.

Case Lot
WF 15 oz. canned apple sauce – . 50 ea.
WF vegetables – . 50 ea.
WF 15 oz. canned beans asst. – .50 ea.
WF Refried beans asst. – .50 ea.
All .59 at Macey’s
WF 29/30 oz. Fruit Cocktail, Peaches or Pears – .99 ea.
$1.25 at Macey’s

Other case lot prices are similar to Macey’s prices, however they do not list Morning Moos products at Dick’s. But go online and you will see some at Dan’s Foods in Layton. Must depend on the size of the store. Also in Layton, the 21 oz. Blue Chip Dough Enhancer is $3.99. Macey’s is selling it for $4.99.

Freezer Items – at Dick’s and Dan’s
$1.99 lb. – Boneless Top Sirloin Steak
$2.29 at Macey’s

updated 3/4/09 at 12:30 pm

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