Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Food Storage

My sister-in-law let me share this story about how her two daughters had fun with food storage.

“I came downstairs this morning after putting on my makeup, ten minutes before my daughter’s bus was to arrive and found the two little girls in our pantry “making pancakes” according to one. I guess that’s the price of vanity….so I hurried and cleaned my daughter up (brushed, rubbed as much whole wheat flour out of her hair as I could, cleaned up her face, changed her clothes) and barely got her on the bus. I’ve been swiping dust out of her sister’s hair all day. She was by far the bigger mess. They had dumped a full bag of wheat pancake mix on the floor. I think they must have been throwing it up in the air as well, since there were piles of it in between our food storage far above their arms reach. Thankfully they hadn’t added eggs, milk, or syrup yet! Yikes!” Lisa

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