How Does Your Vegetable Garden Grow?

Step 1: Gather the supplies
My little 4-year old and I planted seeds this week in our Jiffy Seed Starter Greenhouse from Walmart. She was so excited and is waiting for the seedlings to grow. This is the first time I have planted with a greenhouse. I decided that since it is wise to keep a supply of seeds on hand in case hard times come when we can’t get veggies at the store or plants from the nursery, we better start some of our garden plants from seed. Vegetables are also a great addition to food storage. My friend, DeAnn told me that she keeps her seed packets in a mason jar with a little bit of clean kitty litter. Something she heard Martha Stewart recommend. I don’t have a kitty, so I will have to borrow some from her. For now the opened yet unused seed packets are in a plastic container in the refrigerator.

Step 2: Find a darling gardener,
and have her put some planting mix
in the little peat moss cups.
These can later be planted straight into the garden.

Step 3: Moisten the dirt with your cute little watering can
Step 4: Use mini clothespins to label your rows.
Then plant the seeds, and put the greenhouse lid on.

Step 5: Tell the gardener that the seedlings will come.

This is only our 2nd year in this home, so I’m excited to get our garden going. After careful analysis, I found a great location in our backyard to build planter boxes for our vegetable garden. It’s a little unusual, but I will post about that another day. It’s an area that gets 6 – 8 hours of daily sun, and is free from shade trees and shrubs. My resource was the SquareFoodGardening website. I stopped by Home Depot today and the nice man in the lumber department cut my 2 x 8 boards for the boxes free. Happy gardening!

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  1. I’ve used the Square Foot Gardening Method for the last 2 years. Awesome. Tomatoes worked Ok but I prefer them in cages. Everything was great.

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