Now May Be a Good Time to Add Milk Products to Your Food Storage

Because of the substantial drop in dairy prices, now may be a good time to add milk products to your food storage. “An over-supply of milk and inadequate demand has led to milk prices falling more than 50 percent from last year, after hitting lifetime highs in 2007.” Reuters

Dairy farmers are struggling, and “analysts expect milk prices to remain depressed through at least the first half of the year, and prices later this year may only be high enough to cover production costs.” Reuters

The USDA released a report March 27th that you also may find interesting. I am not an analyst, but supply and demand are affecting these prices. As more dairy farmers sell their cows for slaughter, and sell off farms, prices could increase again.

Food Storage Dairy Products
Powdered Milk
Milk substitute (whey based dry milk)
Baby formula
Canned evaporated milk
Parmesan cheese
Processed cheese spread
Powdered butter
Powdered cheese
Shredded cheese (freeze)
Butter (freeze)

These are now listed on my sidebar under items to purchase in April.

Yesterday I went to Emergency Essentials (a preparedness company) in Salt Lake to gather prices to compare with other food storage companies. (I will post soon.) In store prices are less, than online, and they also had some sales on top of that. So if you live close or are coming into town, take advantage of their sales. While there I picked up a Mixer Pitcher for $5.95. I am going to get serious and keep a pitcher of dry milk in the refrigerator for cooking so I can use up some of my older dry milk. The pitcher has 1 pint, 1 quart, 2 pints and 2 quart marking. So you can make up any of these amounts. Next month I will add some more powdered milk to my supply.

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  1. Michelle: The holiday candy I find on clearance does not last long in my house. :-)However, chocolate candy can be frozen for later use. Use M&M's in cookies, Rice Krispie squares or homemade trail mix. You can also add chopped malted milk balls (eggs) to brownies. Go to M&M' for some ideas.

  2. In your list of items to purchase in April you state easter candy.Do you buy easter candy for next year or just to have around the house to eat?

  3. I never thought about keeping a pitcher of pwd. milk in the fridge for cooking! Great idea! My kids won’t drink the “old” milk. They really like the Morning Moo chocolate though! My new find! I wish we were closer..the shipping is expensive.

  4. Thanks for the reminder.:)I love the idea of that Mixer Pitcher. I wish it was available on a smaller scale. I only use powdered milk for cooking, so the quantity is quite small each time I make some.Joyce

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