What if we live where they don’t have Case Lot sales?

For those of you who live in an area where Case Lot sales are not a bi-annual thing, don’t worry. Utah is not the only place you can shop this way for your food storage. Here is my advice.

1. Organize yourself. Decide what cases of food you are interested in purchasing at a store. Think 24 ct small canned goods, 12 ct. large items. Or whatever foods you are interested in.
2. Decide what you are willing to pay for each item. Be reasonable. Sam’s Club case canned fruit is about $1.00 per can. You should expect to pay about $.59 at a grocery store in a case.
3. Go to the store manager and ask for a discount if you buy several cases. Managers do have the authority to discount items in the store. The worse thing they can do is say no.
4. If they won’t give you a discount, or a price you are interested in, then let them know you are going to try their competitor to make your purchase. Do you really think they want to lose your business?
5. Walmart has some great prices on their store brand canned goods that regularly beat the name brand canned goods at Sam’s Club and Costco. Store brand canned goods can be just as good quaility wise as named brand items. Be open to that. However, if you just can’t give up a favorite taste, then work out a case lot deal with the store manager.

Good Luck!

If anyone has other ideas, please comment.

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