Case Lot Sales Tips

1) Some stores let you buy single items, and others limit you to the whole case. You have to ask at the store.
2) Just because it says Case Lot doesn’t always mean it is the lowest price you can get an item for. Sometimes WalMart sells their “store brand” goods for about the same price. (see below)
3) Plan before you purchase. Check your inventory at home to see what you really need or want, so you don’t impulse buy when you get into the store.

Walmart Everyday Prices from my Price Log to help you compare at Smith’s:
Canned vegetables, about 15 oz., are between .52 and .68.
Canned mushrooms, 4 oz., .52
Canned fruit about 15 oz., between .82 and .92.
Canned pineapple, 20 oz., .82 ea.
Tomato paste, 6 oz., .36 ea.
Tomato sauce, 8 oz., .27 ea.
Diced tomatoes, 14.5 oz., .50 ea.
Creamed soups, 10.75 oz., .82 ea.
Dinty Moore beef stew, 24 oz., 2.12 ea.
Spam, 12 oz., 2.23 ea.
Grape Jelly, 32 oz., 1.28 ea.
Spaghettios, 14.8 oz., 1.00 ea.
Canned beans 15.5 oz, between .68 and .76 ea.
Pork N Beans, 15 oz., .48 ea.

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